Southern Devil Margarita Mixes

Southern Devil Margarita Mix was created from a simple concept—offer creative flavors without unnecessary ingredients. With this simple approach, Southern Devil Mixers created two new margarita mixes bursting with flavor and only 60 calories. You know everything on our list of ingredients. That provides Southern Devil the fresh, clean, vibrant flavor you long for. Southern Devil Margarita Mixes will be the perfect companion for any gathering or celebration you may attend.

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Cucumber Jalapeno

Cucumber Jalapeño
Margarita Mix

It’s all in here. The perfect combination of citrus spices with a little bit of heat and a lot of cool! Whether you are beaching it with friends, calling it a day, or unleashing your evening, Southern Devil is your perfect companion.
Cucumber Jalapeno
Cucumber Jalapeno

Wild Watermelon
Margarita Mix

Warning – Consumption of our Wild Watermelon Margarita Mix could lead to things that even the Devil might envy! The perfect combination of all natural fruit and quenching spice.
Cucumber Jalapeno


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